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Covid-19 Safe Measures

If you have recently developed a new persistent cough or have a temperature, we would ask you not to visit the restaurant and self isolate.

Social distancing measures

1. We have provided hand sanitisers which are alcohol free in multiple locations throughout the premises, for your use.

2. We are providing a one use, disposable menu and paper napkins.

3. We are providing cutlery in sealed packets, that have first been sanitised using U.V. light and packed in sanitised conditions.

4. We have provided an antibacterial wipe in each cutlery pack to reduce visits to the bathroom.

5. We have provided table side ordering that you may access via the Q.R. code on your menu, where you can place your order with reduced contact with staff.

6. We are asking all guests and staff to check their temperature on entry using the state of the art technology we have put in place.

7. We have provided all staff with face masks and/or face shields.

8. Staff have been asked to sanitise their hands regularly.

9. We have reduced staff working on shifts.

10.We have provided disinfection spray in each of the toilet cubicles, please disinfect all touch points before and after use.

11.We ask all guests to take responsibility for making sure their children do not wonder about the restaurant and are kept seated at your own table.

12.We are limiting the use of the toilets to 2 guests at any one time, and we would appreciate it if you could follow this.


13. We ask all guests to maintain social distancing guidelines with other guests in the restaurant and we have provided floor stickers to help. 

14. We are keeping the music level lower, and ask guests not to shout or sing aloud. 

15. We ask all guests to cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing.


track & trace

Could you please 'check in' to help comply with the governments guidelines if you have not done so already:

Ordering Process

​1. Choose whatever you would like to order and add to your basket, ordering food and drinks separately please.


2. On check out,

Please enter your NAME in the FIRST NAME field.

Please enter your TABLE NUMBER in the LAST NAME field. 

3. Payment Options:

Please choose from the available payment options

4. You can order as many times as you wish, we will give you only one bill at the end.

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